Interface ClusterService

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    public interface ClusterService
    A service to access information about the context server's cluster.
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      • getClusterNodes

        List<ClusterNode> getClusterNodes()
        Retrieves the list of available nodes for this context server instance.
        a list of ClusterNode
      • purge

        void purge​(Date date)
        Removes all data before the specified date from the context server.
        date - the Date before which all data needs to be removed
      • purge

        void purge​(String scope)
        Removes all data associated with the provided scope.
        scope - the scope for which we want to remove data
      • sendEvent

        void sendEvent​(Serializable event)
        This function will send an event to the nodes of the cluster The function takes a Serializable to avoid dependency on any clustering framework
        event - this object will be cast to a org.apache.karaf.cellar.core.event.Event object