Class EvaluateVisitPropertiesAction

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    public class EvaluateVisitPropertiesAction
    extends Object
    implements ActionExecutor
    This action is used to calculate the firstVisit, lastVisit and previousVisit date properties on the profile Depending on the event timestamp it will adjust one or multiples of this properties accordingly to the logical chronology.
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      • EvaluateVisitPropertiesAction

        public EvaluateVisitPropertiesAction()
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      • execute

        public int execute​(Action action,
                           Event event)
        Description copied from interface: ActionExecutor
        Executes a specified Action, given a triggering Event.
        Specified by:
        execute in interface ActionExecutor
        action - the Action to execute
        event - the Event that triggered the action
        an integer status corresponding to what happened as defined by public constants of EventService